June 2017: MCO


  Things look positive but chaotic. Now more than ever we must remain disciplined in our approach. Investors need to recommit to a disciplined market approach. The first half of 2017 has been impacted by several geopolitical events. Interest rates

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January 2017: MCO


  We are cautiously optimistic when looking forward over the next 12 months. Although we have seen some reasons to be concerned, we still look for continued expansion in the US economy. We think we will see a continued period

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McMahon wins AdvisoryHQ Top 2016 Advisor


Rankings and recognitions by unaffiliated publications should not be construed by a client or prospective client as a guarantee that McMahon Financial Advisors will provide a certain level of results in client accounts nor should they be construed as current

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McMahon Examines Phased Retirement


CNBC: ‘Employers offer older workers flexible retirement‘ By Tom Anderson, August 21, 2016 2:00 PM ET Angela Versch worked as a day-care teacher for Bon Secours Health System in Richmond, Virginia, for 17 years. She retired in 2010, but after less than

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McMahon Discusses the Current Bull Market


Grow From Acorns: ‘We’re in the Second-Longest Bull Market in History. Can It Last?‘ By Nancy Mann Jackson, August 17, 2016 In case you hadn’t heard, the U.S. stock market is on a tear: In the span of one week

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McMahon Explains Cost of Parent PLUS Loans


Consumer Reports: ‘Why Parent PLUS Loans Can Be Costly‘ By Carla Fried, July 26, 2016 There may be better ways to help your kids pay for college It’s not just young adults whose lives are on hold as they grapple with mountains

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Dukes Joins Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation Board


Gregory Dukes, Director of Operations for McMahon Financial Advisors, LLC has joined Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation’s Board of Directors. With this appointment Dukes will work to increase the visibility of the charity and to aid the organization in becoming even

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McMahon discusses Brexit


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: ‘Pittsburgh financial advisers urge calm on investment front in wake of EU vote‘ By Patricia Sabatini and Joyce Gannon The stunning news that Britain would exit the European Union triggered a worldwide market swoon Friday, but clients at

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Petruska explains certain benefits of ETF’s


USA Today: ‘ETFs: A cheap way for anyone to play the market‘ by Jeff Reeves Feb 13, 2016 ETFs are all the rage for investors these days. According to the most recent Investment Company Fact Book, there were nearly $2

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McMahon discusses risk tolerance and market conditions


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: ‘Experts: Wall Street slump offers time to re-evaluate risk, but no need to panic’ by Len Boselovic ( or 412-263-1941) January 21, 2016. Don’t think of Wall Street’s schizophrenic behavior Wednesday as the final insult in what’s been the stock market’s worst start of a new year in history.

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Petruska discusses gold within IRAs


Bankrate: ‘Does investing in gold with a gold IRA make sense?‘ by Sheyna Steiner Dec. 16, 2015 Invest in gold with an IRA? Some conspiracy theorists speculate that humans were put on Earth to mine gold for aliens. That would

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Chris McMahon’s annual financial checklist


USA Today: ‘Doing an annual financial checkup can help you save‘ by Adam Shell Nov. 1, 2015 If there’s one lesson from this year’s wild ride on Wall Street, it’s this: Stuff happens, and it’s better to have a plan

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Megan Petruska featured in Investor’s Business Daily


6 Top ETF Picks For Investment Success In Choppy Times By APARNA NARAYANAN09/15/2015 06:52 PM ET. Best ETFs 2015: September Performance Update When the bears are everywhere, smart investors use the opportunity to take stock of their ETF portfolio, add to

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Patrick recently attended the NRS Investment Adviser Compliance Symposium in Boston.  NRS is a leader in compliance for financial services firms.  The conference focused on SEC regulation issues such as, Anti-Fraud, Custody, and Investment advisor act rules.  Speakers at the

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T3 Conference


Chris McMahon attended and was a guest panelist for the T3 Conference in Boston.  The T3 conference gives an opportunity for independent advisors to be introduced on current and future technology within the Independent advisory field.  Chris was a guest

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Charles Schwab Solutions Conference


Megan and Patrick recently attended the Charles Schwab solutions conference in Columbus, Ohio. The Solutions conference discussed current and future technological advances within the Charles Schwab platform, as well as how Schwab plans to streamline process and create a paperless environment. 

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McMahon Financial Makes Exciting Changes


I have some exciting news! McMahon Financial is making an important transition for our investment advisory practice that we believe will benefit you as a client and help drive our business in the right direction for the road ahead. I

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