Investment Management

Over Two Decades of Experience

For more than two decades, our advisors have provided their clients with the help to achieve financial success. McMahon Financial Advisors' competitive advantage is based upon the following:
  • Personalized client service
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Delivering a plan for lifelong financial security to our clients
Our team strives to offer a consistent level of service that inspires confidence in our clients that their financial affairs are handled competently. At McMahon Financial Advisors, we promote forward thinking, creativity and open communication. We exhibit an atmosphere of enthusiasm and optimism, confirming our position as an integral part of your wealth management team. We rely on quantitative and qualitative research to evaluate our clients' holdings and define an asset allocation best suited to their risk tolerance and goals. We work with our clients individually to develop a financial plan that fits your needs. What's your investment strategy? Let us help you define it.

Business Services

Ensuring your financial security

Risk and portfolio management are cornerstones to our business. Individuals are not the only ones subject to these uncertainties, and the need for comprehensive financial planning is paramount to the stability, longevity and success of your business. At McMahon Financial Advisors, we delve into the depths of your businesses financial structure to plan for the viability of your business for years to come. Financial and personal hardships can quickly turn a growing business into a stagnant company, and managing your key personnel is essential to your long-term success. Our Business Planning Services include:
  • Deferred Compensation Planning
  • Defined Benefits Planning
  • 401k Formation and Maintenance
  • Key Person Coverage
  • Buy-Sell Arrangements
  • Asset Protection
In addition to these services, McMahon Financial Advisors has at its disposal a wealth of investment management professional to tackle any obstacles your business may encounter. Knowing who to contact and how they can help you is often the hardest step; we are here to help.

Estate Planning

Ensuring your financial security

Through individual assessment and careful planning, our clients enjoy the security and fulfillment of knowing they have taken steps in establishing their financial legacy. Estate planning can often be a sensitive subject, left untouched in many families who prefer avoiding the reality of mortality. While this is an easy short-term solution, the long-term costs of an unplanned estate can be extremely painful, both financially and emotionally. To overcome these difficulties, our clients rely on our expertise:
  • Over 20 years of dedicated estate planning experience
  • Coordinate and lead a network of tax and law professionals from top firms in their respective fields
  • Portfolio management and estate execution services
  • Ensuring your financial security is our top priority at McMahon Financial Advisors.

Retirement and Education Planning

Making Sure You Are On Track

At McMahon Financial Advisors we understand the importance of your goals. Accordingly, we advise our clients that prudent planning and an early start are paramount to accomplishing their goals. The first step to successfully planning for retirement and education is to identify and clearly state those goals. You cannot meet a goal that is not set. At McMahon Financial Advisors we will provide you with the framework you need to begin this often daunting task. Our clients rely on our decades of experience and expertise. We work with our clients individually to evaluate goals and life’s ever-changing needs. How close are you to achieving your goals?